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£200m boost for Deep Green's eco-friendly tech from Octopus Energy
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

London-based tech innovator, Deep Green, has received a £200m investment boost from Octopus Energy Generation. Deep Green's pioneering approach to managing the waste heat generated by data processing has the potential to dramatically reduce both energy costs and environmental impact. This investment aims to accelerate the dissemination of Deep Green's technology throughout the UK.

Deep Green's innovative approach involves the deployment of data centres in community settings, including public swimming pools and district heating networks. As data processing generates significant heat, the company's model repurposes this excess heat to provide free heat for energy-intensive organisations. One public swimming pool in Devon has already managed to reduce its pool heating bill by over 60% by collaborating with Deep Green.

In return for supplying free heat, Deep Green reaps the benefit of free cooling for their data centres, saving on what traditionally consumes around 40% of a data centre's energy.

This economical cooling method gives Deep Green a notable advantage over conventional data centres, enabling the company to offer more affordable and highly energy-efficient computing services to businesses across the UK, the company states.

Deep Green's customer base spans various sectors, requiring data centre processing for a host of applications such as AI, machine learning, video rendering, and cloud applications.

Installation of Deep Green's on-site data centres doesn't require additional grid upgrades or planning permissions, enabling rapid setup and operation within weeks.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, commented on the company's dedication to such innovative solutions: “To tackle the energy crisis head-on, we need innovative solutions to unusual problems. By using excess heat from data centres to slash energy bills for communities across the UK, Deep Green solves two problems with one solution."

Mark Bjornsgaard, Founder and CEO of Deep Green, expressed his excitement about the support Deep Green has received from Octopus for its next phase of growth: “Placing data centres within the fabric of society transforms the waste heat they produce into a valuable resource that benefits communities... Our data centres are highly energy-efficient and support local communities with free heat." He further remarked about the importance of reducing the energy demand and associated carbon emissions in the data centre sector.

According to the company, Deep Green's success in using the byproduct heat from data centres is making headlines, as it not only improves the efficiency and reduces the costs of the servers but also provides free heat, therefore cutting the energy bills of the institutions partnering with them.

It's an innovative win-win for both the data centre and the organisations they are supporting, with a significant bonus of substantial carbon emissions reduction. If increased, this strategy has the potential to revolutionise energy consumption in the UK, the company wrote in a statement.