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Adobe predicts 2024 dominant creative trends in new report
Fri, 8th Dec 2023

Adobe has announced the release of the 2024 Adobe Creative Trends Report, a thorough analysis that provides projected insights into the visual styles and themes for the coming year. For seven consecutive years, Adobe has conducted a methodical dissection of global trends in creative styles, cultural themes, consumer behaviours and technological advancements, along with stock industry data. The 2024 report identifies four creative trends anticipated to dominate digital content throughout the year: 'Calming Rhythms,' 'Wonder and Joy,' 'Dynamic Dimensions,' and 'The New Nostalgia.' These are set to influence various areas, including photography, videography, social media, and blogs.

In today's fast-paced, disruptive environment, consumers have been increasingly leveraging technology to express their creativity and bring their unique ideas to life in innovative ways. With advancements in technology, such as generative AI, anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can instantly create designs that reflect their style and preferences, effectively actualising their ideas.

The 2024 Adobe Creative Trends Report indicates that there is an emerging tendency to blend 2D and 3D elements, reflecting consumers' desire to experiment and reimagine how creativity comes to life. The report features both fantastical AI-generated visuals and simple, stunning images that evoke a sense of wonder, further contributing to the ever-evolving creative landscape that we see today.

"As we head into a new year, the creative landscape mirrors our disruptive, rapidly changing world," noted Brenda Milis, Principal of Consumer and Creative Insights at Adobe. "This year's creative trends are especially indicative of how both creators and consumers are craving visuals that inspire and reflect the endless possibilities of the imagination."

The report breaks down the four main creative trends for 2024. 'Calming Rhythms,' tied to the global focus on mental and emotional health, complements the increasing use of soothing, rhythmic visuals by numerous brands and companies across various sectors. The 'Wonder and Joy' trend reflects people's need to cope with challenging macroeconomic environments, with visuals inspiring awe, joy, and enchantment in consumers. 'Dynamic Dimensions,' spurred by the rise of VR, AR, and gaming, portrays the co-existence of multiple asset types and dimensions in a fluid world. Lastly, 'The New Nostalgia' captures audiences' appreciation for vintage styles mixed with a contemporary interpretation and flair.

To develop the report, Adobe utilised internal and external data and harnessed insights from its Creative Cloud communities to pinpoint the most substantial creative trends for 2024. Adobe Stock's regular engagement with various sectors provided additional insights, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date trend identification process.