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AspenTech pledges net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

Aspen Technology, a global industrial software leader, has announced its commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for its Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 2030. The firm will also significantly reduce Scope 3 emissions by 2030, with the ultimate goal of achieving complete net zero by 2045.

This bold initiative from AspenTech aligns with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi), an organisation at the forefront of driving the adoption of emission reductions grounded in climate science. By adhering to this ambitious timeline and developing a detailed plan to reach these targets within the next 24 months, AspenTech reaffirms its position at the forefront of corporate sustainability practices.

Antonio Pietri, President and CEO at AspenTech, announced the company's commitment, stating, “AspenTech has a decades long history of partnering with asset-intensive industries to provide the expertise and digital technology to guide them in their sustainability journeys. Today, with the support of our Board of Directors and executive team, I’m pleased to share that in addition to the solutions for customers, we are committing to our own net-zero target as part of tackling climate change.”

The news was supported by Rasha Hasaneen, Chief Product and Sustainability Officer at AspenTech, who highlighted the critical nature of climate action and AspenTech's intention to be a key player in mitigating it. He said, “Confronting climate change has never been more critical, and AspenTech is committed to operating in the most responsible way possible — and partnering with our customers to do the same. Our innovative sustainability solutions portfolio, in combination with our own net-zero initiative, will make a significant contribution to achieving a net-zero future.”

Achieving the stated targets involves more than a simple declaration of intent. It requires an actionable, measurable strategy that complies with established science-based guidelines. AspenTech is currently developing a comprehensive plan to meet these goals, informed and guided by the standards laid out by the SBTi. This plan will be submitted within the upcoming 24 months.

With its commitment to net-zero emissions and a well-defined strategy in the works, AspenTech is taking a step forward in demonstrating how corporations can buffer the impact of their operations on the environment. The company's actions are an inspiring example for other firms in asset-intensive industries of how to use their influence and resources to combat climate change effectively.