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CybeReady & Securus360 join forces to boost cybersecurity in schools
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

CybeReady, a global security awareness training organisation, has entered into a significant strategic partnership with Securus360, a recognised expert in K-12 cybersecurity solutions. Aimed at promoting cybersecurity education, this alliance aligns with both parties' shared goal of constructing a strong "human firewall" to better withstand cyberattacks, thereby reinforcing organisational defences against existing and evolving threats.

Securus360's current and potential clients are being presented with a compelling offer: a free 90-day trial of CybeReady's comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training solution. This tool is designed to arm organisations with necessary abilities to confidently confront a variety of digital environment security challenges, minimising the probability of falling prey to phishing scams and other potentially devastating cyber threats.

Daniel Eickhoff, Director of Sales at Securus360, explained their primary focus and mission. "The education sector is our focus as it now ranks as the most frequently targeted industry for cyberattacks in the nation. Our mission is to protect sensitive student information and other critical personal data within the network systems of K-12 school districts and various educational institutions. Our partnership with CybeReady and deployment of their Security Awareness Training solution builds a strong first line of defence by delivering effective cyber awareness."

CybeReady distinguishes itself with a practical, experiential learning approach. It employs realistic scenarios and simulations in its SaaS-based solution to create engaging, user-friendly situations for a more efficient training method. This approach is not only informative; it prepares individuals to properly handle actual cyber threats effectively. Teaming up with Securus360 enables a broader audience to access this innovative training, ensuring that Securus360's clients benefit from CybeReady's proficiency. Through this collaboration, clients will receive an extensive security education tailored to their unique challenges, improving their overall readiness.

"The Education sector is subject to constant cyberattacks," said Jonathan Stone, VP North America at CybeReady. "Security Awareness Training is proven to enhance an organisation's defensive capabilities. Our goal is to train employees in education organisations to safeguard their information assets effectively, and teaming up with Securus360 marks a major stride in furthering this objective."

The collaboration between CybeReady and Securus360 signifies a pivotal advancement in digital security enhancement. By integrating extensive cybersecurity awareness training into Securus360's offerings, this partnership addresses the urgent need for increased cyber vigilance. With a free 90-day trial, CybeReady equips Securus360's clients with the vital tools and knowledge that can improve their security position, safeguard sensitive information and proactively address cybersecurity risks. This strategy emphasises the importance of human awareness in forming effective technological defences against cyber threats, representing a proactive step towards constructing a safer digital realm.