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Device Authority launches award-winning KSaaS service on Azure Marketplace
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

Device Authority has announced the availability of its Enterprise KeyScaler as a Service (KSaaS) on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace. The vendor, who specialises in identity and access management for Enterprise IoT ecosystems, earned recognition in Microsoft's Partner of the Year awards as the Rising Azure Technology of 2023. The service is now available as a free trial on the Azure Marketplace, with introductory pricing options also available.

KSaaS serves as an infrastructure-free alternative to the company's on-site KeyScaler platform, responding to the exponential growth in the demand for device protection in the IoT universe. The platform alleviates the expense of infrastructure while guaranteeing complete trust in the device, data and operations.

The innovative solution has been built on Microsoft Azure and caters specifically to the increasing number of IoT devices, AI applications and global supply chains in today's digitized landscape. KSaaS enables businesses to establish total trust in the device, data, and operations without the associated costs of infrastructure or dedicated resources.

Businesses investing in KSaaS via Azure Marketplace can align their security investments with their existing commitments, as procurement goes towards their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) incentive. Such integration enables companies to effectively use their pre-committed Azure budget, streamlining financial planning and ensuring smooth integration of IoT security solutions within their existing Azure ecosystem.

Device Authority takes pride in KSaaS's role in the marketplace, offering customers more procurement and consumption choices, one-click deployment of PKI services and identity lifecycle management for IoT at scale. Additionally, it provides automated lifecycle management, policy-driven encryption and continuous assurance and threat validation, imperative to comply with significant regulations like the EU Cyber Resilience Act, the US Executive Order 14028, and SBOM (Software Bill of Materials).

The advancement of KSaaS as a scalable, fully managed, cloud-based solution has won Device Authority the prestigious Rising Azure Technology 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. This award highlights Device Authority's strong customer-centric approach and impact in prioritising Microsoft Azure as its primary cloud platform.

Darron Antil, CEO of Device Authority, celebrated the launch of KSaaS on Azure Marketplace, labelling it as "a major moment for the protection of expanding networks of IoT devices from growing ranks of cyber criminals and malign hackers." He further expressed the uniqueness of their KeyScaler platform, stating, "Our KeyScaler platform is the only solution that can effectively automate zero trust for IoT at scale. It reduces risk, reduces costs, reduces human error, and provides a best-in-class SaaS solution for our customers."

Antil believes that the introduction of KSaaS will bring the simplicity and flexibility of KeyScaler to many more businesses who may have found investment in an on-premise solution and its maintenance prohibitive. As Device Authority's solution delivers automated security to connected devices, businesses can accelerate towards their digital transformation goals, confident in the protection of their infrastructure.