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Fortinet joins forces with H-E Parts for cybersecurity transformation venture
Fri, 15th Dec 2023

Fortinet, the global cybersecurity titan, and H-E Parts, an industry-leading company in the mining sectors' aftermarket parts and components, have collaborated on a broad-ranging cybersecurity transformation venture. This comes as part of a strategic initiative to amplify and refine security operations throughout H-E Parts' international sites via Fortinet's extensive solutions suite.

A string of strategic acquisitions since H-E Parts' establishment in 2006 has seen it evolve exponentially. Today, it operates from scores of global locations, offering services to the surface mining equipment sector, and the crushing and materials processing industries. However, this impressive growth and the resulting acquisition of 19 distinct enterprises, all utilising myriad vendors and technology platforms, bred a number of complications such as decreased visibility, central management deficiencies, and an uptick in risk fuelled by inconsistent security, particularly apparent in the company's remote locations and substantial remote workforce.

Following these issues, and in alignment with instructions from its parent corporation, H-E Parts conducted a global security and networking renewal investigation, aided by its ally, SAU Digital Australia. By 2026, the aspiration is adoption of a cloud-first approach. After a stringent selection process, Fortinet was chosen to lead H-E Parts' multifaceted cybersecurity transformation project. The company will integrate its secure networking, next-generation firewall (NGFW), universal secure access service edge (SASE) secure remote access, and security analytics solutions, significantly enhancing and simplifying the security framework of H-E Parts, encompassing both physical and remote work environments.

Crucial to the Fortinet partnership was the capacity of the firm's SASE to flawlessly integrate with Fortinet's software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). This strategic combination resonated with the business's cloud-first ethos whilst offering significant cost savings. The benefits continued with the streamlined licensing operations triggering a substantial downsizing in management platforms, condensing the previous tally of 17 vendors to two. Emphasising Fortinet's commitment to providing efficient, cost-effective, and simplified cybersecurity solutions, customised for H-E Part’s unique requirements.

Simon Hatfield, Vice President of Global IT at H-E Parts, emphasised the advantages of the partnership, stating, "Investing in a Fortinet solution will enhance the H-E Parts cybersecurity posture, protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance, and facilitate efficient and secure network performance. In other words, it forms a foundational building block from which H-E Parts can grow."

In addition, Daniel Bersan, H-E Parts' Global Information Technology Manager, commented on the potential of the collaboration, "H-E Parts is truly excited to be part of this dynamic partnership with Fortinet and SAU Digital Australia. The organisation's journey to enhance the customer and end-user experience is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence. Together with Fortinet, H-E Parts is not just raising the bar; it's setting a new standard that will empower the company and delight customers."

Duong Trinh, Senior IT Systems and Network Administrator at H-E Parts, also added, "Embarking on a network upgrade project with additional security is essential for the future. Each connection is fortified and each data path protected. Together with Fortinet and SAU Digital Australia, H-E Parts will safeguard its valuable and mission-critical information for years to come."