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Home Office's Louisa Corbett wins 'Best Change Influencer' at Change Awards
Thu, 23rd Nov 2023

The Home Office has seen a significant revamp of its change and transformation network under the guidance of Louisa Corbett, Business Change and Engagement Lead for Digital, Data and Technology. This transformation, which was backed by the Change Awards, has improved the culture and efficiency of the department.

Louisa, who spearheaded the internal change and transformation across the department, implemented innovative policies and networks. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as she was honoured as the 'Best Change Influencer' for the Public Sector at the Change Awards.

The Change Awards are a platform that bridges academia and the practical world, celebrating industry leaders. They acknowledge the significant contributions made by individuals, teams, and organisations in the realm of change management. Winning an award provides external recognition and a valuable tool for boosting confidence and promoting further change and innovation.

Change management is increasingly becoming a crucial function within organisations that value innovation. It's gradually emerging as a career path that enables businesses to embrace innovation, technology, and change, although it is still commonly misunderstood and underappreciated.

Margo Waldorf, Founder of Change Awards, said, "We created the Change Awards to celebrate the change management industry, giving professionals a chance to showcase their abilities and accomplishments."

"We are delighted to award Louisa Corbett with the 'Best Change Influencer' accolade, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the industry and capacity to incite impactful change."

She continued, "Louisa embodies the values we look for in award winners. Her recognition provides a boost to her professional image and stature and proves well-deserved acknowledgement from her peers and colleagues."

"We encourage those at the forefront of change to put themselves forward as potential subjects for recognition and reward, ultimately to spotlight role models and champion this essential sector."

On receiving her recognition, Louisa Corbett admitted she wasn't expecting to be shortlisted, let alone win the award. She said, "I saw it as a good opportunity to network with other business change professionals and understand more about how change is delivered across the sector."

"Gaining external recognition for my work was tremendous, and the detailed feedback from the judges explained why I had won the award, which was invaluable."

Winning the award had a dual impact on Corbett; It boosted her confidence and enhanced the visibility of her team's efforts. Participating in the Change Awards provided a platform for recognising her contributions and underscored her role in driving positive change.

"Winning this award not only boosted my confidence but, importantly, it also increased visibility for the efforts of my team. Participating in the Change Awards allowed me to acknowledge my work and the part I play in delivering change," said Corbett. 

"I would strongly encourage others to apply for the Change Awards; it's a fantastic chance to connect with fellow change professionals, learn from their experiences, and who knows, you might even win!"