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Lloyds Banking Group leverages Dynatrace app to reduce IT carbon footprint
Thu, 1st Feb 2024

Dynatrace has declared that it is collaborating with Lloyds Banking Group to gauge and actively curtail the carbon footprint from its IT operations. As one of the UK's predominant financial service providers, Lloyds is using the Dynatrace Carbon Impact application to streamline energy utilisation metrics into their CO2 equivalent (CO2e). This approach is intrinsic for organisations like Lloyds Banking Group, which aims to scale down the direct emissions of its activities by at least 75%.

By directing utilisation metrics, including CPU, memory, disk and network I/O, into their CO2e, the Dynatrace Carbon Impact application provides the fine-tuned details that establishments require to minimise the carbon impact of IT. Additionally, it offers practical guidance on how to decrease the comprehensive carbon footprint of IT.

Added details consist of data on energy and CO2e consumption per source with filters to assist in concentrating on areas of high impact. For instance, it emphasises underused instances within a distinctive data centre alongside prime CO2e emitters within a specific host group. To attain these goals, the Carbon Impact application draws on the Dynatrace platform and its Smartscape topology and dependency mapping. It offers exact optimisation insights and automatic application and process context to pave the way for green coding initiatives.

Klaus Enzenhofer, Product Lead at Dynatrace, explains: "Dynatrace successfully rolled out the Carbon Impact app last year, and we've been working with Lloyds Banking Group to develop it further to support our customers' hybrid and multicloud environments. This has allowed us to accelerate and focus on our product development while helping our customers meet their sustainability goals."

Kevin Bird, Operational Performance and Analytics Lead at Lloyds Banking Group mentioned that collaborating with Dynatrace has been instrumental in assessing the visibility and impact of their IT carbon emissions. In their sustainability efforts, having detailed insights is crucial, and the partnership has enabled them to pinpoint areas where their actions have the most significant impact within the broader IT architecture.

Kevin Bird noted: "Working with Dynatrace has helped us to assess the visibility and impact of our IT carbon emissions. Our sustainability efforts require deep granularity, and collaborating together has allowed us to see where our efforts are most impactful in the context of our broader IT architecture. This helps us identify more meaningful opportunities to optimise our digital infrastructure and will be a critical step forward as we work to reduce our operational sector's direct carbon emissions by at least 75%."

Bird's statement underpins Lloyds' commitment to facilitating the carbon footprint of their IT infrastructure through detailed inspection of carbon emissions and their pursuit of advanced methodologies to optimise their digital framework. Dynatrace's Carbon Impact app exhibits the potential to track and reduce IT carbon emissions. It highlights the significance of tech firms contributing their resources to optimise business operations and promote sustainable efforts.