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Managers call for more AI use despite underutilisation
Thu, 7th Dec 2023

According to a new report from Beamery, an AI-powered talent management platform, almost 70% of managers believe that companies should be utilising artificial intelligence (AI) technology more frequently. Despite this stance, however, the research revealed that only 23% of these individuals were actually employing AI in their managerial positions.

The study titled, 'The Era Of Connectors: Transforming Middle Management In A Skills-First World', gathered input from over 600 managers and C-Suite executives in the UK and the US. It indicated that middle managers are finding themselves at the forefront of tackling issues related to talent attraction, engagement and retention. The study offers insights into how managers can be empowered to address these challenges effectively.

Fascinatingly, the research revealed that while 68% of managers in the UK and the US are advocating for increased AI use, only slightly over a fifth (23%) have implemented AI into their practices. A considerable segment of C-suite executives (91%) likewise felt the need for greater AI use at work. This data collectively insinuates an impending increase in the adoption of AI technologies in business settings.

The recent findings echo patterns in an earlier Beamery Talent Index, which stated that 45% of respondents had an interest in acquiring training in AI, yet only 15% were being provided this opportunity by their employers. It seems apparent, therefore, that a significant disconnect exists between the desire for AI integration and its practical use.

Another important highlight of the research was that 82% of managers felt their teams had skill gaps, and disturbingly, a quarter of these managers had no concrete plan to deal with this issue. Anxieties were prevalent around skills retention, with 29% of surveyed managers expressing concern about retaining competent team members. Some additional worries encompassed the upskilling of staff (24%) and sourcing the right skillsets to begin with (18%).

The study further documented that although Generative AI's adoption was generally well received, there was substantial concern by C-suite leaders about practical AI implementation in a business context. Concerns were expressed regarding confidence in the results produced by AI (32%), and to some degree, doubts about employees' capacity to grasp and manipulate this new technology (30%).

Abakar Saidov, CEO of Beamery, commented on the research, stating: "Providing managers with the right AI-powered tools and insights, quickly, can dramatically improve business performance. By enabling valuable and adaptable insights around employee skills and prospective career paths, AI will let managers make better, more consistent, talent-related decisions – ultimately assisting organisations to attract, engage, retain and nurture the talent they require for success."