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Porsche eBike boosts IT efficiency with Freshworks
Tue, 26th Mar 2024

Porsche eBike Performance, a subsidiary of the automotive giant dedicated to producing electric drive systems for e-bikes, has successfully nurtured its IT efficiency through its partnership with Freshworks.

Porsche has vastly benefited from Freshworks' AI-powered business software, Freshservice, and Freddy Copilot capabilities, resulting in enhanced agent productivity.

Since its launch in 2022, Porsche eBike Performance has been steadfast in its mission to bring innovative solutions to the e-bike space. As the company sought to expand its operations globally with the release of new products in the middle of the decade, the demand for an efficiently scaled IT service became imperative. It sought the assistance of Freshworks to standardise its processes and enhance the support provided to its rapidly expanding organisation, comprised of over 300 employees.

By adopting Freshworks' Freshservice software for its IT operations, Porsche eBike Performance has significantly streamlined its service requests and delivery, boosting the functionality of its IT services. Leveraging Freshservice's centralised service portal, orchestration apps, and various other integrations, including Microsoft Teams Servicebot, the company has optimised its IT operations. With the application of built-in artificial intelligence features and powerful automation capabilities of Freshservice, Porsche eBike Performance has successfully introduced IT workflows that enable employees to work more efficiently.

Alexander Wnsch, Chief Financial Officer at Porsche eBike Performance echoed these sentiments. "Freshservice's AI capabilities are the backbone of our IT operations.”

He added, “With features like conversational support and the solution article generator, we are now able to deliver intelligent and user-centric IT support.

"Freshservice is simple and easy to understand, even for those without deep technical knowledge or rigorous IT training," nsch said.

Furthermore, using the Freddy Copilot assistant and the Solution Article Generator, the IT team can auto-generate solution articles for common queries. The IT team also maintains a multilingual knowledge base to cater to its international employees, providing self-service access to support articles in their preferred language, thus augmenting their working experience.

According to Wnsch, the transition to this software has reaped impressive results, including quick implementation, a surge in user adoption, increased IT governance and asset control, and improved scalability and efficiency. Furthermore, the onboarding setup time has been significantly reduced from 30 minutes to mere seconds. Porsche eBike Performance aims to utilise Freshservice in the future to continually scale its IT infrastructure and expand its service catalogue beyond the IT department.

John Crossan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Europe at Freshworks, expressed his delight on the positive results and emphasised, “Freshworks AI-enabled IT service solutions have had a tangible impact on Porsche eBike Performance’s business and a significant uplift in agent’s productivity.” He is pleased that Freshworks’ Freshservice is at the heart of such a powerful company’s IT transformation.