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Scality expands software-defined storage solutions in Spain with V-Valley
Mon, 18th Dec 2023

Scality, a respected expert in reliable, secure and sustainable data storage software, has expanded its partnership with V-Valley, allowing for the distribution of Scality's software-defined object storage solutions in Spain.

A subsidiary of the Esprinet Group specialising in cutting-edge IT solutions, V-Valley will support its partners in supplying high-value, advanced IT services for clients demanding modern on-premises hybrid-cloud and data protection storage software.

Through this partnership, V-Valley will distribute Scality's RING and ARTESCA, novel products designed explicitly for ransomware protection with immutable backups. At the petabyte scale, Scality's innovative object storage solutions aid organisations in managing and safeguarding unstructured data, improving visibility to maximise return on investment.

With this domestic expansion, V-Valley's partners will be in a position to empower their customers with top-of-the-range object storage solutions for handling large-scale data challenges in Spain. V-Valley is recognised as a dependable distribution partner by Scality, well-equipped to capitalise on business demand and assist enterprises by deploying Scality's products to offer scalable, safe storage.

Roberto Alonso, Head of Sales & Marketing Cloud and Software Area at V-Valley, highlighted the significance of the partnership with Scality in the growth strategy of the Esprinet Group. He emphasised that this collaboration is particularly vital in the high-value IT services sector, where V-Valley excels.

The partnership with Scality is seen as pivotal because it empowers V-Valley to enrich its portfolio of storage solutions provided to partners. Alonso also noted that the technical expertise and skills contributed by V-Valley underscore the mutually beneficial nature of this partnership in the Spanish market.

Roberto Alonso said, "The Scality partnership plays a pivotal role in Esprinet Group's growth strategy, particularly in the realm of high-value IT services, a domain in which V-Valley exceeds."

"Scality's solutions empower us to enhance our portfolio of storage solutions offered to our partners. The technical expertise and skills provided by V-Valley further underscore the reciprocal nature of our partnership in Spain."

Fabrice Endlicher, Director of Channel and Partnerships at Scality, emphasised Scality's strong commitment to a partner-centric business approach, highlighting its recent portfolio expansion. He pointed out that V-Valley's comprehensive offering, now featuring x86 servers integrated with Scality software, is an ideal solution. Endlicher emphasised the alignment of its mission with the widespread adoption of S3 object storage solutions by leading software providers like Veeam (also distributed by V-Valley).

Fabrice Endlicher stated: "Scality is deeply committed to a partner-centric business approach, evident in our recent portfolio expansion. V-Valley's comprehensive offering now features x86 servers combined with Scality software, making it an ideal solution for us."

"The widespread adoption of S3 object storage solutions by top-tier software providers like Veeam (also distributed by V-Valley) strongly aligns with our mission. We are dedicated to helping organisations of all sizes overcome their data volume challenges. Together, we plan to achieve this goal and serve many satisfied customers."