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Utimaco launches LAN Crypt Cloud to boost data protection
Mon, 4th Dec 2023

Utimaco has unveiled its new product, LAN Crypt Cloud, aimed at bolstering protection for sensitive and business-critical data against unauthorised access. The file encryption as-a-service management solution is a crucial line of defence in an era of prevalent ransomware attacks, which are reported to be the most significant cyber threat business face in the present.

The LAN Crypt Cloud tool is designed with a primary focus on inhibiting unauthorised access to protected data and thus maintaining compliance with international data protection regulations. This ability proves useful in actively countering the misuse of data in scenarios such as a ransomware attack, preserving data privacy despite potential breaches of security.

According to data gathered by institutions including Europol and Statista, as of October 2023, ransomware attacks had afflicted over 72% of businesses worldwide. In light of such threats, appropriate encryption of company data files and folders has become an essential part of a comprehensive data protection strategy.

Utimaco’s newly launched solution enables a smooth and user-friendly implementation of encryption strategies. It uniquely permits the setting up of encryption security measures in under 15 minutes and offers salient features such as encryption for any file type, end-to-end encryption, and role-based access rights management, among others.

A noteworthy capability of LAN Crypt Cloud lies in its 'persistent encryption' technology. This ensures that data remains protected even when duplicated, shared, or relocated, maintaining encryption irrespective of the data's location or storage medium.

For a hands-on experience of the product, Utimaco is offering a free 30-day trial of LAN Crypt Cloud. Also, the company is currently running a promotional offer valid until 31 March 2024, where users can avail of the Advanced package for the price of the Standard package.

In a statement regarding the new product, Nils Gerhardt, Chief Technology Officer at Utimaco, said, "With LAN Crypt Cloud, we extend our portfolio with a cloud-based encryption service that supports our mission to create trust in the digital society. The product is the result of our commitment and a strong focus on making reliable file encryption available to everyone, regardless of their IT expertise or company size."

The service is also available via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.