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ACOME Group solidifies Europe foothold with LYNDDAHL Telecom acquisition
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

ACOME Group, the French telecom infrastructure specialist, has finalised its acquisition of LYNDDAHL Telecom. As a manufacturer of microducts based in Denmark, the inclusion of LYNDDAHL Telecom in ACOME's existing portfolio underscores its ambition to dominate the European market as a top-tier supplier of high-speed fibre network materials.

The integration of LYNDDAHL Telecom broadens ACOME's already notable range of offerings. At present, the ACOME Group portfolio comprises ACOME cables and Idea Optical connectivity products. The induction of LYNDDAHL allows it to offer an end-to-end fibre connectivity suite, which includes cables, ducts and connectivity for the European market.

ACOME's CEO, Jacques de Heere, has expressed his delight in welcoming LYNDDAHL Telecom, citing the innovative and successful track record of the Danish company. He commented, "This is a key strategic move as we grow to become Europe's leading provider of connectivity materials for high-speed fibre networks and meet the heightened demands of the fibre optic supply chain."

He elaborated on the potential of this partnership, revealing that "Uniting our customer network and sales teams will give the Group a huge boost to market our solutions internationally and also expand our presence in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries."

Established in 2020, LYNDDAHL Telecom is a rapidly growing company focused on manufacturing ducts and micro ducts for telecom companies, energy companies, and installers, contributing to FTTH (Fibre To The Home) projects. It made impressive strides in sales performance, with a turnover of over EURO €20 million in 2023.

The partnership between LYNDDAHL and ACOME will encompass LYNDDAHL's personnel and office in Ribe, Denmark, alongside ACOME's existing locations in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

The rapid expansion of LYNDDAHL Telecom also extends beyond Europe. The company is poised to open a new facility in North Carolina, the United States of America, later in 2024.

The beneficiation for both companies advances beyond bolstering their European footprint. LYNDDAHL Telecom's Vice-President, Jacob Ulrik Petersen, stated, "This collaboration represents a lot of opportunities, especially in the export market with the complementarity of our products portfolio." He added that resource integration across both firms will amplify their concerted efforts to shrink their environmental footprint and "support their customers' carbon transitions."

Petersen expressed his excitement about LYNDDAHL Telecom's future and conveyed optimism regarding the company's success under ACOME's ownership. He emphasised the commitment to enhancing LYNDDAHL's portfolio of fibre products to meet the increasing demands of the market. Looking ahead, Petersen anticipates building upon the company's achievements and contributing to its continued success by aligning with market trends and customer needs.

He concluded, "We look forward to continuing LYNDDAHL's success under ACOME's ownership and adding to its rich portfolio of fibre products to align with the market's growing demands."