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Brave Bison to optimise eCommerce for dart giant Target Darts
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

Renowned digital media, marketing and technology company Brave Bison has been chosen to optimise the eCommerce platform for leading dart designer and manufacturer Target Darts. This decision follows a competitive pitch and is set to enhance the latter's online commercial capabilities amidst its recent surge in popularity and expansion.

Target Darts is a reputable brand known towards the top players in the industry, attracting worldwide champions such as Rob 'Voltage' Cross, Phil 'The Power Taylor' and rising talent Luke 'The Nuke' Littler. The latter, thanks to the ongoing Players Championship and the surrounding 'Littler Effect,' has significantly contributed to the escalating national discourse about darts and subsequent consumer purchasing patterns.

The company's rapid expansion, which recently included a business acquisition in the United States and a considerable presence in Europe and APAC, was a deciding factor in bringing Brave Bison on board. The need for a company that could ensure the scalability of its website to match the pace of the company's growth became increasingly crucial.

Brave Bison was ultimately selected for its ability to advise Target Darts on methods of optimal commercial performance and modernisation. The company's proficiency in this area was a pivotal aspect during the pitch process. Further, their expertise in Adobe Commerce, being a strategic and credited partner, was another factor contributing to their appointment for this endeavour.

James Tattersall, Managing Director, Target Darts, conveyed the importance of this undertaking. He said, "It's been great to see the whole country talking about and watching darts of late. Thanks to the Littler effect, our favourite sport is at the forefront of conversation. We are seeing the real-time influence this talent has on the public interest in darts and how it converts into consumer purchasing behaviour. As a result, our website needs to be a best-in-class, and this is where Brave Bison's capabilities and approach will truly move the needle for us."

In agreeing with the sentiment, Ed Hornby, Managing Director of Brave Bison Commerce, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, "We're delighted to join Team Target. From the start of this pitch, we knew we could really change the game for them and make a real difference to its current set-up. With such rapid growth, this is truly a new era for Target Darts, and that's what Brave Bison is most expert at - commerce for the future."

This strategic alignment between Target Darts and Brave Bison, poised to revamp the former's eCommerce platform, thus denotes an exciting chapter in the continuing expansion and evolution of both entities. As Target Darts climbs the trajectory of success, there is a growing importance for its online business capabilities to keep pace. It is anticipated that the insights and expertise that Brave Bison brings to the table will indeed 'hit the bullseye' in achieving this target.