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EPOS extends Global Audio Partner tenure with Aston Martin F1 Team
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

EPOS, the audio technology pioneer, has announced the augmentation of its existing partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team, with an agreement that extends its tenure as Global Audio Partner.

The collaboration, which kicked off in 2021, recently progressed to EPOS playing a substantial role in the support of audio and communication aspects of Aston Martin's commercial ventures. However, the partnership has now been given a boost.

In light of the successful collaboration, EPOS’s state-of-the-art COMMAND HME110 C3 headsets are now a fundamental aspect of Aston Martin's race operations. These headsets will be used extensively in the brand-new Mission Control at the AMR Technology Campus in Silverstone, England.

Formula One racing is underscored by intricate decisions that necessitate simple, straightforward communications. EPOS appreciates that the real-time communication can decisively influence the race outcome. Consequently, the strategic use of EPOS technology both off and on the circuit may provide critical advantages.

Mission Control plays a central role in forming the team's strategy; deriving and analysing essential data, making and executing strategy recommendations. As this hub operates as the communication nucleus for various channels, at different locations, across time zones and environments, robust noise management becomes essential. This ensures important information is relayed effortlessly.

The EPOS COMMAND HME110 C3 headset, engineered to facilitate reliable communication in critical situations with distinguishing characteristics such as premium speech intelligibility and active noise cancellation, is positioned to bolster the efficiency, clarity, and precision of Aston Martin's race engineers and strategists.

Recognising the importance of crystal-clear communication in high-pressure situations, Mike Krack, Team Principal for the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team, said, “The opportunity to install EPOS HME110 headsets for every team member has been a great improvement."

"The microphones on these units are noise-cancelling, which improves the clarity of sound across the working group, and it makes a significant difference to the way we all work."

He added that EPOS’s high-quality equipment provides "clarity of sound and clarity of thought" - essential components in a high-pressure environment.

This sentiment was echoed by Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, EPOS President, who stated that the "unified ambition for unleashing human potential via technology, innovation, and state-of-the-art engineering" made the partnership with Aston Martin a natural fit.

He showed great enthusiasm for the expanded collaboration, stating that their products are designed for "seamless communication even in high-stakes moments."

With "clarity and precision" being so vital in a sport where every second counts, the new relationship, spearheaded by EPOS, could indeed mark a significant step for Aston Martin in their relentless journey to the top of the grid.