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How to create the ultimate life-like video call experience
Fri, 3rd Mar 2023

In today's fast-paced world of video conferencing technology, there's a multitude of options when deploying and installing equipment – from the simple to the sophisticated.

Many factors have to be fused together to create a compelling and life-like call experience in a consistent and rewarding way.

Quality does make a significant difference. Quality really matters. It's one of the many reasons we decided to produce a 4K PTZ camera early on. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition, and most importantly, we believe this is where a lot of the platforms, such as Teams, will go next. In the future, video calls will be conducted in 4K, not HD.

For our customers and us, it's about being one step ahead of the game and raising the bar and raising the game in terms of quality.

Through these interesting, challenging and evolving times, from lockdowns to hybrid working, conferencing has been at the fulcrum of dramatic changes in daily and working life, how people interact and communicate almost from anywhere. Choosing the right equipment is crucial. That could be plug-and-play or more powerful full-room integrated systems.

Knowledge gap

We recognise it's a fast-moving space, so there might be a knowledge gap for some resellers in certain areas of the market - from audio and video technology to meeting etiquette.

There are definitely gaps in expertise due to the fast transition of people working from home and an explosion in software-based solutions such as Teams and Zoom. Manufacturers need to be the piece that's missing in the sector.

Our goal is to emphasise hardware's vital role in improving the meeting experience. Manufacturers should be trusted advisors about the best endpoints to drive the end-user experience. It's about matching the right equipment to the right rooms and helping organisations to transition at whatever stage of the journey they are on.

Many resellers used to sell traditional telephone systems and then IP handsets. But now, cloud-based full unified comms systems are taking over with video at their heart. So resellers have to adapt to maintain their revenue streams, and that's where manufacturers should come in with their knowledge and expertise.

The quality of audio and video plus user-friendly technology all have to combine to create the ultimate life-like video call experience. It doesn't happen by chance.

However, it doesn't matter how good the technology is. If it's not being used on a regular basis in the right way, then the whole investment and experience is undermined. It has to be reliable, easy to operate and effective.