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Infinigate launches financial services programme to support European partners
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

EMEA value-added distributor (VAD) Infinigate announced today the launch of 'Infinigate Financial Services', a novel programme to aid partners across Europe in addressing CAPEX and budget concerns while investing in growth.

Infinigate Financial Services aims to help partners overcome budget limitations in an increasingly unpredictable and competitive marketplace. The objective is to pave the way for secure, stable growth by enabling the partners to fund multi-year subscriptions, which secures prices over the year and offers a cushion against currency fluctuations.

Infinigate's channel partners will be provided with access to bundles consisting of software, hardware, and services, which can be paid through a single monthly, quarterly or yearly payment. Additionally, there's an option exclusively for financing software.

Rotkreuz, Switzerland-based Infinigate Group, specialises in cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud. The group has inaugurated Infinigate Financial Services to help partners negotiate financial challenges in today's competitive market and volatile environment. The 'deploy now, pay later' option is specially designed to aid partners in seizing lucrative opportunities in a timely fashion to stay competitive in a rapidly moving environment.

The newly launched services will initially be available across Benelux, France, Germany, the Nordic region, Spain and the UK. The structure of the services is designed for simplicity, making it easier for partners to get preliminary quotes and make informed decisions supported by their Infinigate advisors.

Kristiina Leppnen, Chief Financial Officer at the Infinigate Group, acknowledges the demanding economic environment in which their partners operate and the rapid pace of change they must navigate. In response, Infinigate is introducing Infinigate Financial Services, providing partners with tailored financial solutions to support their long-term revenue stability without affecting their immediate cash flow. This initiative aims to democratise access to growth opportunities, particularly benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises lacking access to significant capital funds.

Kristiina Leppnen says, "We are aware of the challenging economic climate our partners operate in and of the speed of change they have to keep up with. We are launching Infinigate Financial Services to offer partners access to specially designed financial packages to help them secure long-term revenue streams without the need to impact their cash. This will help democratise access to growth opportunities, especially for small and medium firms that don't have access to large capital funds."

Financing the Technology Lifecycle Management is crucial to securing sustained revenue in the IT industry and the IT channel. It ensures that technology investment is protected right from procurement through asset management right up to device refurbishment. Over the coming months, Infinigate plans to scale its Financial Services to additional countries across the EMEA region.