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Juniper Networks launches UK cloud instance for AI-Native solutions
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Juniper Networks, a pioneer in secure, AI-Native Networking, recently announced that they will now support cloud-native solutions with a cloud instance in the UK. This development enables UK customers and partners to enjoy locally-hosted storage on top of the renowned advantages offered by a microservices cloud architecture. This British instance marks an essential expansion of Juniper's cloud capabilities, providing reductions in network trouble tickets by up to 90%, 85% fewer truck rolls and operational expenditure cuts of up to 85%.

As the only vendor offering a fully integrated AI-Native portfolio of solutions, Juniper has brought together wireless and wired access, SD-WAN, Indoor Location, Network Access Control, and an industry-exclusive AI-native virtual network assistant, Marvis. All these elements are under a common Mist AI engine and the microservices cloud infrastructure. This amalgamation makes Juniper's AI-Native solution the quickest to deploy, easiest to operate, and results in the lowest total cost of ownership and operational expenses while providing exceptional end-to-end user experiences.

Considering the importance of verifying storage locations due to data privacy and cybersecurity concerns, the launch of the UK cloud instance equips Juniper with more advantageous options. The company can now deliver all the aforementioned benefits while also meeting regional security standards. With this addition to the previously established local instances in Australia, Germany, the UAE and the US, Juniper underscores its accelerating momentum in the market.

Gos Hein van de Wouw, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, EMEA at Juniper Networks, commented on the recent development. He highlighted the fact that many UK organisations are integrating cloud-native AI services into their broader IT strategies, which signifies their indispensable role in propelling businesses forward. Juniper is proudly leading the way in this innovation, having already witnessed significant adoption of its AI-Native networking solutions by leading UK enterprises. The VP continued, “We are raising the bar even higher by spearheading once again with our AI-Native networking platform underlined by a UK Cloud, driven by the need for a sovereign cloud. We see this as a further catalyst to drive our current momentum towards experience-first digital transformation, foster innovation, and lower operational costs for enterprises across the region.”

The arrival of the UK cloud instance from Juniper Networks, a key industrial player, signals a crucial step towards more locally-hosted cloud services. This move promises not only advantages from a performance and secure data storage perspective but also benefits in operational and expenditure reductions for UK organisations. As the era of digital transformation continues to evolve, such cloud-based solutions are sure to play an increasingly significant role within global business strategies.