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Norwich Uni revamps campus communication with TrilbyTV
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

TrilbyTV, the specialist digital signage solution for education, has unveiled its latest project in collaboration with Norwich University of the Arts and Academia, revealing its profound role in revitalising the university's campus communication. With a particular emphasis on strengthening the campus community, the recently launched video details the transformative impact that digital signage has had, amplifying success stories and celebrating student accomplishments.

As a historic seat of learning, with more than 175 years of heritage in arts, design and media education, Norwich University of the Arts is keenly aware of the importance of vibrant and engaging communication within its community.

By incorporating TrilbyTV's digital signage solutions, the university has found a dynamic way to share student triumphs and achievements while simultaneously simplifying the management of these communications. This combination of the service's unique features and its straightforward and intuitive design have proved instrumental in invigorating campus communication.

Carl Bayliss, Head of Technical Services at Norwich University of the Arts, underscored the significance of this solution. "It is really important that we can get lots of information out to our students across the campus. Digital signage gives us the ability to do that. Not only is it important that we do that in an informative way, but we do that in a creative way. I feel that TrilbyTV gives us an easy-to-use solution that makes it the perfect choice for us," Carl Bayliss said.

The transformation goes beyond disseminating important information. The university's use of digital signage also facilitates a greater awareness of campus activities and events. Megan Thrift, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at Norwich University of the Arts, highlighted this point. "It is such an easy tool to show people all the different activities we have going on, which really helps with building that sense of community," Megan Thrift commented.

Apart from bringing the staff and students closer, this exchange of visual information has also stimulated the university's sense of creative community. Students agree with this sentiment. As Norwich University of the Arts student Theo said, "It is nice to see other people's work and just get inspiration, and to know that your work is seen by other students and the uni itself."

In its mission to foster the talents of its artists, designers and creators, Norwich University's use of TrilbyTV's digital signage solution has shifted content to be student-centric. By assigning content creation access to multiple stakeholders, a sense of shared ownership around digital signage has evolved on campus.

There is no doubt that TrilbyTV's digital signage solution has fundamentally reshaped communication within Norwich University of the Arts. It has replaced typical static communication with a lively exchange of creativity and accomplishment that is felt throughout the university community.