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Philips & PPDS unveil cutting-edge LED displays at ISE 2024
Mon, 5th Feb 2024

PPDS, the exclusive global supplier of professional displays from well-known brand Philips, has made its debut into the All in One (AIO) 4K and 8K LED displays market at ISE 2024. The show saw the launch of the Philips Titan Series, the company's first-ever range of this type of product. Launched on the Philips Booth (3P500), the Philips Unite LED AIO Series is being brought to the public as one of the most sophisticated AIO ranges available today.

PPDS has employed the latest developments in LED visual technology to deliver high-quality, sharp displays while significantly lowering the cost of ownership and providing the fastest installation times in the industry. The currently available series ranges from 110 to 165, including four different sets – the 4000, 4200, 5000 and 7000 series. Each of these series offers an array of features and capabilities to suit various environments and market verticals, allowing for both permanent and semi-permanent installation.

With this new range, PPDS have cemented their position as a clear market leader in advanced display technology, whilst bringing an extremely competitive and cost-effective solution to the market. The Philips Unite LED AIO Series is an excellent instance of their commitment to providing innovative visual solutions that incorporate the latest technology developments.

The Titan Series is a groundbreaking new offering from PPDS and Philips, boasting ultra-clear resolution in both 4K and 8K models, catering to consumers seeking the highest quality visual display experiences. These displays are expected to be quite versatile in application, from media and entertainment to corporate presentations and educational uses, and are suitable for both temporary and long-term installations.

The displays are especially designed to rapidly and seamlessly integrate into any environment, be it a corporate boardroom, an educational institute, or a commercial space. The products promise simplicity in installation and operation, enabling users to maximise their return on investment and experience superior viewing quality through Philips' renowned display technology.

PPDS continues to pioneer and lead the industry through constant product innovation and development. By launching the Philips Unite LED AIO Series, they keep delivering on their commitment to provide their clientele and the end-user with top-tier visual technology that is not only accessible but also cost-efficient and easy to install. This new range perfectly exemplifies their aspirations and reaffirms their standing as a front-runner in the professional display market.

The Philips professional displays are now a part of the PPDS portfolio offering innovative, advanced and, robust marketing solutions. The launch at ISE 2024 marks a crucial step in their pursuit of a broader market share and consolidates their position as a leading provider of display technology. The ongoing improvements and innovation in product development, application, and distribution make PPDS an unmatched player in the global professional display landscape.