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SRJ Technologies Group forms key partnership with Air Control Entech
Mon, 18th Dec 2023

SRJ Technologies Group has secured a partnership with UK-based robotic inspections firm, Air Control Entech Limited (ACE). Specialising in advanced robotic inspection services for the energy sector, ACE offers some of the most innovative solutions within this space.

The three-year Global Collaboration Agreement is poised to expand the global reach of both entities and develop new, innovative technologies for the energy sector.

ACE, already known for its efficient and cost-effective solutions, aims to migrate customer asset integrity management to digital platforms. These solutions are not only about enhanced efficiency: digitisation reduces emissions and increases safety, vital considerations for sectors such as energy. The partnership with SRJ aims to build on this existing expertise, with a mutually beneficial exchange of technologies and customers expected to generate incremental revenues.

According to a joint statement, both companies are intent on fully integrating a digital Asset Integrity Management business. This strategy is evidently aligned to customer expectations, as trends show an increased adoption of digital platforms for analysis and visualisation of inspection data.

Moreover, the partners aim to deliver world-class services that provide value by increasing safety, reducing costs, and minimising the need for staff support while ensuring business continuity. Crucially, they also uphold high standards of regulatory compliance.

Already, the partnership is set to test its mettle with a trial class inspection for a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel in Nigeria. While this is currently a trial, the proposed rollout for the entire fleet is estimated at AUD$15m per annum over a five-year class cycle. Furthermore, SRJ and ACE plan to quickly extend their services into key global energy markets, beginning with Australia, the Pacific, and the Far East.

Syntax for upcoming projects and profit allocation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, contingent on the unique demands and contributions of each entity. Alexander Wood, CEO at SRJ, acknowledges the significance of the partnership: "This strategic alliance marks a major milestone for SRJ. ACE's reputation for innovation and superior customer service aligns perfectly with our vision for a world-class business in digital Asset Integrity Management."

ACE Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Kieran Hope, is equally thrilled.

"Collaborating with SRJ opens the door to a world of possibilities, as our shared vision and complementary strengths undoubtedly lead to extraordinary achievements in our market expansion efforts," Hope says.

"Combining ACE's industry-leading technologies with SRJs technology portfolio, I am confident that we will continue to add value to all of our customers," he says.

"This partnership represents an exciting chapter for both companies, and we look forward to the opportunities it will create as we venture into new territories."