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Zensory partners Flux to bolster clinician’s well-being support

The Zensory, the well-being and productivity app, has partnered with the health-tech innovation platform Flux. The partnership offers Flux members discounted access to The Zensory app, intending to ease signs of burnout, anxiety, and stress for its community of clinicians. The Zensory are proudly Flux's first well-being partner.

The partnership aims to help their community of clinicians reduce anxiety and burnout, which currently runs rife throughout the NHS. 

New research by The Medical Protection Society (MPS) shows that nearly 50% of doctors in the UK have said that their mental health is worse now than during the pandemic, with 47% of doctors expressing concern about the impact of industry-wide burnout on patient safety. Mood-boosting tools like The Zensory aim to reduce this burden on healthcare professionals.

The Zensory's partnership with Flux allows clinicians to access their complete in-app sensory toolkit, which includes touchpads, binaural beats, and breathing exercises. The app, launched in 2021 in response to the mental health crisis that arose from the Covid-19 pandemic, was informed by industry-leading scientists and academics, alongside over 200 research papers. The app provides users with an easy-to-integrate aid for well-being practises.

“The well-being of our members is paramount to Flux's mission. Flux's innovation skills training and the experience our members receive from our paid healthtech opportunities is designed to encourage them to put these skills to use within the NHS. However, we know that burned out clinicians results in worse outcomes for our patients. At Flux we feel utilising The Zensory app will help our clinicians in their professional lives and are proud to announce this partnership,” says Josh Burke, chief medical officer at Flux.

The partnership aims to provide a stepping stone into well-being for clinicians across the country by focusing on the human side of the health-tech and medical industries. The Zensory aims to provide the tools and techniques for clinicians using the Flux platform to take into their working lives. 

Flux and The Zensory are connected through a shared vision of innovation via upskilling within communities. The partnership is a force for meaningful change and a commitment to improving the mental health of those who care for us in the most vital times of need, say the companies. 

“We’re incredibly proud to be well-being partners with Flux. At The Zensory, we want to give back to communities that are the beating heart of our society - and clinicians are just that. Burnout is a huge problem across the healthcare and medical industries, and we’re passionate about equipping people with the skills necessary to boost their mental well-being – and there’s no greater, or more urgent, cause. This vision aligns perfectly with Flux’s mission to innovate through upskilling and helping realise their potential in the healthtech space,” says Jasmine Eskenzi, chief executive officer and founder of The Zensory.

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