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Alarming findings in 2023 State of SaaS Data Security Report
Mon, 20th Nov 2023

The 2023 State of SaaS Data Security and Protection report has unveiled an alarming reality about data security across Europe.

The report says it is time to prioritise data protection and embrace the potential of cloud backup.

Backups are an essential part of an organisation’s response and recovery process and cloud can be an effective way to recover from a ransomware attack, where data has been destroyed or erased, it says.

The report says that although protecting data from cyberattacks is reportedly the number one priority for IT leaders, data loss is a pervasive problem, with nearly 60% of organisations suffering some form of data loss within the past two years.

The report also highlights gaps in organisations' backup strategies. Despite the imminent threat of data loss, only 44% of organisations have comprehensive backup strategies in place, and only two-thirds of organisations are capable of restoring all lost data.

Chief Customer Officer at ALSO, Mark Appleton, advocates for IT operation teams to prioritise data backup efforts. He warns, “Underestimating the importance of using cloud backup risks data and customers for both vendors and organisations.”

He elaborates on the significance of cloud backup, stating, “As data volumes grow, cloud storage can easily expand to accommodate eliminating the need for significant investments in hardware and still ensures data security with robust encryption and authentication measures. This provides overall flexibility to restore systems and is less time-consuming and resource intensive.”

In the wake of increased data-specific attacks, Appleton believes that resellers and IT operation teams must take proactive steps to implement a data backup and recovery model. A cloud-based model acts as a secondary solution, utilising both on-premise and cloud-based networks to recover any lost data during an attack.

Appleton stresses the role of resellers in helping businesses understand their market and tailoring the right support to fit their needs. He says, “With security measures and back-up storage, resellers should be able to provide a range of options to tailor their offerings to best support the client.”

Appleton also encourages vendors to utilise cloud storage for its added security benefits, including mitigating data destruction, access, or manipulation that could occur during a cyberattack or system failure.

Beyond just the implementation of preventative measures, Appleton urges organisations to consider a wider range of technologies in their overall backup approach, considering factors such as cost, scalability, and security. Appleton's takeaway message is clear: "The potential costs and reputational damage of data loss can be mitigated if organisations prioritise and invest in cloud backup to safeguard against potential threats and fortify their position in the case of a data breach."