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Story image's full-stack observability cuts downtime costs by 59%
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

In the increasingly digital landscape, the role of observability is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. Indeed, it provides organisations with more than just monitoring; it offers thorough insight into the functioning of the entire technology stack. The importance of this insight is underscored by recent studies, which found that organisations without observability face significant challenges, such as high downtime costs exceeding $500,000 per hour, and a median annual outage cost of $7.75 million. These costs were found to be 59% higher than those experienced by organisations with full-stack observability.

The lack of observability also resulted in slower issue detection and resolution, leading to extended outages and increased operational costs. On the other hand, organisations with full-stack observability experienced notable advantages, such as reduced downtime, increased productivity, improved security, better service levels, lower financial losses, and enhanced operational efficiency., a company founded by industry-leading data experts in September 2022, is leading the way in providing advanced observability solutions. Its full-stack cloud observability platform is designed specifically to increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve user satisfaction. The company's innovative approach to observability has earned it recognition, including graduating from Y Combinator's Winter 2023 batch, and securing $6.5 million in seed funding from significant investors.'s observability platform provides a wide range of capabilities, including infrastructure monitoring, log monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM), database monitoring, synthetic monitoring, serverless monitoring, container monitoring, and real-user monitoring. The tools and features provided by this comprehensive observability platform enable organisations to thrive in a dynamic digital environment.

Among the key features of's platform is instant monitoring, which gives users real-time access to metrics, logs, and traces via an intuitive dashboard. Its efficient agent delivers fast results without consuming excessive resources, thus balancing performance and efficiency. The platform also offers a unified view of metrics, logs, traces, and events on a single timeline, simplifying analysis and decision-making. also places a strong emphasis on data ownership and security. Its platform allows clients to retain complete control over their data, storing it in their own cloud, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs by 5-10 times. Moreover, adheres to data security regulations. The company is GDPR and CCPA compliant and has secured SOC 2 type II certification.'s full-stack cloud observability platform offers tangible benefits across people, processes, and technology by providing real-time data and comprehensive trend analysis. This results in the elimination of data silos and enhanced visibility. Moreover, the company's flexible and transparent pricing structure, which includes a free forever developer account as well as usage-based, pay-as-you-go models, ensures that its solutions are accessible and cost-effective.

Laduram Vishnoi, the founder and CEO of, is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and tech investor. He has a successful track record in the tech world, having founded, and is an angel investor in over 30 companies.