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SAP's new AI capabilities to drive business growth
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

SAP SE has launched innovative data capabilities to assist customers in extracting the full potential of their data, drive more profound insights, accelerate growth, and improve business efficiency in the AI era. New Generative AI features are now accessible in SAP Datasphere, the core data fabric architecture, which assures data serves as the backbone of these functionalities. These developments will further streamline data landscapes and promote more intuitive data interaction.

Among the key innovations disclosed today were: further integration of SAP's Generative AI Copilot, Joule, into the SAP Analytics Cloud; the enlargement of SAP's alliance with Collibra to propel AI Governance; the unveiling of SAP Datasphere knowledge graph to uncover concealed insights and patterns; and the amalgamation of SAP Datasphere with SAP Analytics Cloud to provide a single data management system combined with advanced analytics.

Juergen Mueller, SAP Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board, said, "Capturing data to make better decisions is an enterprise technology imperative that's become increasingly critical as AI revolutionises every aspect of business. Our newest SAP Datasphere innovations, as well as an expanded partnership with Collibra, represents a quantum leap in our ability to help customers drive intelligent business transformations through data."

The infrastructure at the centre of these announcements is the business data fabric, an approach that guarantees data not only serves as an asset but also acts as the supporting framework of strategic initiatives.

Achim Welter, Senior Director ERP, Digital & IT Strategy at Hersheys, commented, "We have decided to leverage SAP Datasphere for a modern business data fabric architecture in conjunction with our SAP S/4HANA landscape. It allows us to effectively establish a modern data analytics platform that enables a business self service capability on the basis of trusted data and data models."

The new suite of SAP Datasphere capabilities assists customers in achieving a harmonised data perspective that streamlines their data landscapes while retaining context and logic. This enables quick adaptation to market variations and efficiency in decision-making. SAP's data innovations empower customers to have comprehensive control over their data, from fresh copilot and vector database capabilities to a knowledge graph for deciphering insights and patterns in complex datasets.

SAP's Generative-AI assistant, the Joule copilot, is now part of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, automating report, dashboard, and plan creation and development. To regulate AI, the expanded partnership with Collibra integrates Collibra's AI Governance with SAP data assets. This move could offer transparency and accountability for organisations and help ensure regulatory, compliance and privacy policies are upheld.

Organisations can reveal hidden insights and patterns across their applications and systems using the newly launched SAP Datasphere knowledge graph. This enhances the understanding of relationships between data, metadata, and business processes for both technical and business users, as well as improving the efficacy of machine learning and large language models.

SAP Datasphere now has an advanced integration with SAP Analytics Cloud, providing a single data management framework with progressive analytics to power cross-organisational planning. Furthermore, the newly introduced compass feature in SAP Analytics Cloud enables better outcomes in planning and analytics through data-driven simulation. Businesses can run intricate simulations, evaluate predictive outcomes and continuously adjust controllable variables to identify the optimal plan using a chat interface.