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TechDay celebrates 17 years of service
Thu, 27th Jul 2023

In an amazing achievement, we celebrate our 17th birthday! From our humble beginnings so long ago, TechDay and the team have come quite a long way. In July of 2006, we started with 'The Channel' magazine, which later became ChannelLife. Today, we are a digital-only publisher with a global footprint.

In 17 years, we have grown to be an international news network with 36 sites spanning Asia, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and, just recently, India. Our support from these regions is a major reason why we have continued to grow, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it.

Our editorial team has also just passed the milestone of our 315,000th story. Actually, 315,040 as of our birthday last week. Our sites cover all areas of Information Technology, including Cyber Security, Data Centres, Channel, eCommerce and a lot more.

Plans are also underway to expand our network with a new EduTech-focused set of sites, further exemplifying our upward trajectory.

“It's truly amazing what has been achieved and but it feels very special to be just a small part of such a large legacy!” says Tom Raynel, Editorial Team Leader at TechDay.

“In such a competitive environment, for TechDay to stand out as much as it does is an incredible achievement, and Sean our founder, should absolutely feel proud for it.”

During a tough economic environment, we are still growing and very proud of our 91% renewal rate for preferred partnerships & advertisers. By forming strong partnerships and working relationships, everybody wins, so it cannot be understated how amazing this is to us.

To celebrate our 17th birthday, we will be profiling top executives in IT with a new series we are calling the 'Titans of Tech'. The cost to participate is $1,450 for one editorial unit, so please reach out to our sales team if you would like to be a part of this significant milestone.

Lastly, we wanted to thank you for all of your support. It is greatly appreciated. From where we started to where we are now, it truly is remarkable to see how far we have come, but it doesn’t stop here, and we cannot wait to see where we go next!