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Rebecca Zeus steps up to co-CEO at Australian firm BizCubed
Fri, 15th Dec 2023

Rebecca Zeus, co-owner of BizCubed, an independent Australian data engineering firm, has been promoted to the role of co-CEO. She oversees day-to-day operations and holds a majority ownership stake of 51%. BizCubed, established in 2006, is now officially a woman-owned and woman-led enterprise.

BizCubed co-owner and founder Zachary Zeus says, "Bec has long been the driving force behind our business and its mode of operating. BizCubed is now a woman-owned, woman-led business with Bec in the CEO role, guiding the team to build the next iteration of our data engineering operating systems and trust architecture services."

In tandem with her life partner, Zachary, Rebecca has applied her unique skill-sets to BizCubed. Zachary brings his extensive experience in engineering solutions and enabling data capability in large financial services organisations while focussing on market-facing strategy.

Rebecca noted, "Zach had the vision to launch BizCubed, and my strength has always been in executing that vision." With more than 20 years of experience in industrial engineering and operational analytics, Rebecca has significantly contributed to managing BizCubed's enablement, infrastructure, finance fulfilment, and HR operations.

As the Executive Director since 2017, Rebecca has managed to double the company's revenue and develop a recruitment approach based on business values. She successfully launched an Information Security management system leading to the much coveted ISO27001 certification.

BizCubed focusses on building efficient data ecosystems that contribute to informed decision making for businesses like Bing Lee, Insignia, Boost Juice and AsureQuality. "We have created a methodology, fostered a culture and assembled a team that deliver on that promise for our customers", says Rebecca. "The work I have done to create a recruitment process that supports those efforts by enabling diversity in perspective, background, training and expertise, has been particularly fulfilling."

"Bec was brought to Australia to bring South Pacific acetylene production facilities up to international standards. As part of a global sustainability governance group, she developed a global carbon traceability capability. Bec brings that same level of work to BizCubed and now our customers get recognised for creating world-class data capability," says Zachary.

Rebecca whose experience spans across continents including the US, Europe and the South Pacific has also worked in industrial gases and operational analytics. Her technical prowess was vital in safety and engineering standards in acetylene production. Interestingly, one of the more intense moments in her career included blowing up acetylene cylinders for testing safe evacuation procedures and minimization of potential community impacts.

Zachary reiterated that under Rebecca's leadership, "BizCubed is set to be a leading trust architecture firm with a focus on data processes." Concurrently, Zachary retains his role as co-CEO and has also launched a new business called PyxGlobal that accentuates Trust Architecture to augment sustainable local and global trade.