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Squirro launches enterprise-ready generative AI solution
Fri, 31st Mar 2023

Squirro, the augmented intelligence solutions provider, has launched a new enterprise-ready generative AI (GenAI) solution, which brings all the benefits of GenAI to enterprises while eliminating many of the issues associated with enterprise GenAI.

Squirro’s solution combines large language models (LLMs) with its composite AI (fusing different AI technologies, like machine learning and Knowledge Graph, to generate insight) and Insight Engine technologies. It means enterprises can generate accurate and fully contextualized results based on their data by adding the source of information to the LLM response as evidence and providing transparency and explainability.

To support the launch of its new enterprise GenAI solution, Squirro conducted an extensive survey into decision-makers readiness for GenAI. Almost 70% were already using GenAI (14.3%), currently implementing GenAI (14.3%), or considering GenAI vendors (40%). In addition, 89% of respondents said that GenAI was best used across various relevant systems. The business processes cited as most important for GenAI were knowledge management (87%), sales and CRM (62%), and customer service (60%). The survey was conducted in February and March of this year with 77 senior business executives in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

“There is clearly an enormous appetite for GenAI within enterprises, but there are concerns about hallucinations and GenAI’s propensity to make things up based on what is most likely to come next,” says Dr Dorian Selz, chief executive officer of Squirro. “ChatGPT admits its training data cut off in 2021, meaning results lack up-to-date context and knowledge, it cannot access information sources outside its own model, and it cannot verify facts or provide references.”

“This is not sustainable for enterprises, and our new solution combines LLM with our Composite AI and Insight Engine tech to create a ground-breaking enterprise-ready GenAI solution. It delivers powerful and highly impactful results based on an organization’s own data, fully referenceable and transparent.”

GenAI can only be truly effective when integrated with existing systems and workbenches, which requires all relevant data connectors to be in place securely. Squirro's GenAI solution is fully integrated across enterprise systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce applications. Furthermore, Squirro's Information Retrieval pipeline is enterprise-ready and deployable in an organization's private cloud, including the LLM, which ensures data privacy.

The new solution can capture and develop learnings, ideas, and insights using Squirro's Composite AI technology. Insights are then developed as a combination of extracted information from NLP text classification, which is enriched further by combining the extracted insights with GenAI.

“Enterprise GenAI is not about the complete automation of content, it’s about augmenting the professionals in those enterprises to work better and faster,” continues Dr Dorian Selz. "That's what we have achieved with our GenAI solution. It eliminates potential risks within GenAI and unlocks greater value by connecting with personal data, financial information, and confidential business information while maintaining full security measures. It's a game-changing solution that is suited to any number of use cases."