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Start-up Agnostiq teams up with NexGen for GPU boost
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

Toronto-based advanced computing start-up, Agnostiq, has announced a partnership with NexGen Cloud's Hyperstack that will significantly increase its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) capacity and availability, according to a press statement.

The collaboration will integrate Hyperstack's GPU compute resources into Agnostiq’s Covalent Cloud offering, providing customers with seamless access to high-demand, premium GPU hardware.

The partnership will see Agnostiq's Covalent Cloud users gain direct access to Hyperstack's robust selection of top-notch GPU hardware, which includes the Nvidia H100, A100, L40, and others in its lineup. In addition to ramping up GPU resources in the Covalent Cloud platform, the partnership aims to expand the user base for AI and Machine Learning among Hyperstack users.

Oktay Goktas, CEO at Agnostiq, highlighted the significance of having on-tap access to high-performance GPUs in the fast-paced world of AI applications. He noted, "In today's rapidly evolving landscape of AI applications, on-demand access to high-performance GPUs is crucial for numerous clients, particularly start-ups striving to develop cutting-edge AI applications."

He further expressed that the partnership with Hyperstack and its industry-leading infrastructure empowers innovators to create what was once thought impossible.

Covalent Cloud is uniquely placed to bridge the gap for end-users needing access to scarce GPU resources, making more GPUs accessible on-demand in lieu of locking customers into multi-year contracts. Given its highly changeable and distributed architecture, Covalent Cloud leverages supply provided by specialist cloud providers such as Hyperstack, not only big-name public clouds.

The formidable demand for GPUs that power generative AI applications has caused challenges for smaller consumers to access premium GPU hardware, leaving many companies in search of alternatives beyond major public cloud providers to handle their GPU workloads. Hyperstack, NexGen Cloud's GPU-as-a-Service offering, has gained a prominent position among specialist cloud providers in addressing this issue.

Chris Starkey, CEO at NexGen Cloud, the company behind Hyperstack, affirmed their commitment to wider access to accelerated computing. "We're committed to democratising accelerated computing access worldwide by creating a safer, greener, and more cost-effective cloud," said Starkey.

He also emphasised the significance of the partnership with Agnostiq, expressing his belief that it combines superior hardware and assured capacity, user-friendliness, and the potential for creating path-breaking AI applications.

Hyperstack is a self-service, on-demand GPUaaS Platform offering the H100, A100, L40 and more. Hyperstack is built for enterprise-grade GPU-acceleration and optimised for AI workloads, offering NexGen Clouds enterprise-grade infrastructure to a wide spectrum of users, from SMEs to Blue-Chip corporations, Managed Service Providers, and tech enthusiasts.

Hyperstack runs on 100% renewable energy and is powered by NVIDIA architecture, The platform supports a diverse range of high-intensity workloads, such as Generative AI, Large Language Modelling, machine learning, and rendering.

Agnostiq is developing Covalent, a unified platform for scaling AI/ML/HPC workloads across any cloud, on-premises, or hybrid configuration, at arbitrary scale. Covalent is available open source and as a managed cloud solution.