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Aryza acquires Oyster Bay Systems & Profile Data Services
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

Aryza, a trailblazer in software solutions for financial services, has successfully acquired Oyster Bay Systems and its subsidiary, Profile Data Services. This strategic acquisition is expected to bolster Aryza's standing in the finance and lending market, increase capacity in loan management, and extend its reach and scale of clients in the UK and Europe.

Oyster Bay System's leading product, Vienna, coupled with Profile Data Services' prowess in data processing, will enable Aryza to solidify its position as a forerunner in the digital transformation of lending procedures and in facilitating seamless data submissions to major credit reference agencies.

Colin Brown, CEO of Aryza Group, emphasised the significance of acquiring Oyster Bay Systems and expressed excitement about the addition to the Aryza Group family. This strategic move not only extends their global reach but also addresses the issue of fragmentation in the UK lending supplier sector. The collaboration between Aryza Group and Oyster Bay Systems is intended to create a unified and integrated software solution. The ultimate goal is to enhance outcomes for end-users by leveraging the combined expertise of both entities.

Colin Brown said, "We are thrilled to welcome Oyster Bay Systems into the Aryza Group family. This strategic move not only expands our global presence but also plays a pivotal role in reducing fragmentation in the UK lending supplier space. By bringing together the expertise of Aryza Group and Oyster Bay Systems, we aim to offer a seamless and integrated software offering, providing better outcomes for the end user."

Colin Brown further stated that the acquisition of Oyster Bay Systems is expected to broaden market access to the complete Aryza software suite, covering the entire credit and debt lifecycle. Emphasising a steadfast dedication to innovation and efficiency, he believes this consolidation will positively impact the industry.

Brown continued, "This acquisition would lead to more of the market having access to the full Aryza software offering across the whole credit and debt lifecycle. Our commitment to innovation and efficiency is unwavering, and we believe that this consolidation will drive positive change in the industry. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and contribute to the evolution of the financial services landscape."

With the integration of OBS's flagship product, Vienna, and PDS's expertise in data processing, Aryza Group seems poised to further enhance its leading role in digitalising lending procedures and aiding seamless data submissions to top credit reference agencies.

This acquisition underlines Aryza Group's commitment to growth and innovation and delivering superior solutions in the finance and lending industry. As the finance and lending sector continues to evolve and digitalise, Aryza's strategic acquisition of Oyster Bay Systems and Profile Data Services signals a significant step in providing their clients with integrated and effective software solutions.