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DocuWare to bring financial insights in second webinar
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

In an era where the landscape of finance and accounting is rapidly evolving, the impending automation revolution heralds a future where manual processes are a relic of the past. The significance of this shift cannot be overstated, as it promises to redefine roles, tasks, and the skills requisite for success in these professions. To navigate this transformation, understanding how to leverage automation for growth and efficiency is paramount.

This pivotal discussion forms the core of the upcoming webinar titled "How to thrive in a future free of manual finance processes," scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 3:00 PM GMT (11:00 AM EDT for those in the US). The session promises to be an enlightening journey, guided by two of the industry's preeminent figures, Christian Wattig and Nicolas Boucher, who collectively bring to the table a vast repository of knowledge and insights from the frontiers of corporate finance and automation.

Christian Wattig, a renowned FP&A expert and thought leader with over 100,000 LinkedIn followers, along with Nicolas Boucher, a distinguished AI for Finance & FP&A keynote speaker and thought leader, commanding an impressive following of 780,000 on LinkedIn, will helm this crucial discussion. Their combined expertise offers a unique perspective on the transformation enveloping the finance sector and how professionals within it can not only adapt but excel.

The webinar is set to cover several critical areas, including an overview of the automation revolution, highlighting specific finance processes poised for automation, such as standard reporting, reconciliations, and data cleaning. This insight is invaluable for professionals aiming to anticipate changes and prepare accordingly.

Moreover, the session will delve into strategies for harnessing the potential of freed-up time, transitioning from mundane tasks to roles that add greater value, such as business partnering, decision support, and financial storytelling. This shift is not just about saving time; it's about enhancing the strategic impact of finance professionals within their organisations.

A significant portion of the webinar will be dedicated to discussing the essential skills for tomorrow's finance professionals. With automation taking over routine tasks, the demand for skills like critical communication, public speaking, influencing, and analysis is set to soar. Developing these skills will be crucial for those looking to lead in the future landscape of finance.

Participants will also have the rare opportunity to engage directly with Wattig and Boucher during a live Q&A session, allowing them to explore the nuances of transitioning to a future dominated by automation and to seek personalised advice from these leading voices in finance.

As an added incentive, the first 100 attendees will receive an Amazon e-gift card, adding an extra layer of excitement to this not-to-be-missed event.

This is the second webinar in a series, following the first titled "How finance teams boost efficiency with AI and automation". The first webinar provided a foundational understanding of how finance operations can be revolutionized through technology. This session, led by the same experts, Christian Wattig and Nicolas Boucher, laid the groundwork by revealing automation best practices, the value of interactive dashboards and self-service reporting, and the transformative potential of generative AI with ChatGPT in creating procedures and performing financial analysis.

Additionally, it delved into the importance of planning and collaboration tools for system integration and real-time decision-making, establishing a blueprint for future-ready finance operations. This prior webinar underscored the imperative for finance teams to embrace AI and automation, setting the stage for the forthcoming discussion on thriving in a future dominated by these technologies.

This second webinar taking place on March 19th represents a unique opportunity for finance and accounting professionals to gain insights into adapting and thriving in a future where manual processes are obsolete. To learn more about the webinar and to sign up, please visit the link below.