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Rob Phillpot appointed strategic advisor at HammerTech
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

Industry stalwart and Aconex co-founder, Rob Phillpot, has been appointed by Melbourne-based construction software firm HammerTech as a strategic advisor, to help propel the company's global expansion plans.

Phillpot, highly recognised as co-founder of construction-tech company Aconex - sold to Oracle in 2018 for $1.6 billion - joins HammerTech, a leading provider of safety and site operations software extensively utilised by esteemed construction contractors worldwide, at a crucial juncture in the company's growth trajectory.

Upon his appointment, Phillpot stated, "The timing for growth for HammerTech is a perfect storm. The construction industry is already sizable and only getting more so, with projects increasing in both scale and complexity. The sector is gradually shedding its traditionally sluggish status and advancing towards technological investment. Furthermore, breakthrough technologies are presenting more efficient and dynamic solutions."

Since its inception in 2013, HammerTech has emerged as a solution to efficiency and worker safety issues within the sphere of construction jobsites. The software is the now preferred option for 85 of Australia's top 100 construction companies. Expansion efforts during May the previous year allowed the firm to successfully venture into the UK and Ireland, building on the growth already reported in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Globally, the Melbourne-based company boasts of a workforce comprising of a 100 employees and more than 450 construction companies utilising the software, rolled out on over 15,000 projects involving millions of workers.

HammerTech Co-Founder and CEO Ben Leach, who has known Phillpot for over a decade, expressed his excitement on this association, stating that he expects Phillpot's counsel to have comprehensible, positive effects on the firm's growth right away. He added, "Rob is invested in our vision for safer construction sites and deeply understands the global market we operate in. His network and experience leading Aconex through global expansion will be a significant asset as we continue to innovate and break into new markets."

The appointment of Phillpot comes at a juncture when the construction technology sector is evolving rapidly, fuelled by market demands for automation, AI, remote work and software consolidation. On his involvement with HammerTech, Phillpot affirmed, "HammerTech is already a substantial business and the leading player in its sector in the Australian market and the US, and I believe it's at a vital point in its evolution. The company is in a promising position to further extend its reach into new markets and sectors."

Post his Aconex chapter, Phillpot continued his association with the construction industry and currently holds prominent positions on multiple boards. He'll continue in these roles while advising HammerTech. On navigating the challenges of growth, Phillpot offers insight, "Hitting 100 employees marks a significant shift where mature operational processes are necessary, and this transition can be a big step for a scale-up to make without trusted advisors who've been there before."

Regarding the international expansion prospects, Phillpot opined, "It's not straightforward. Australia represents just a small percentage of the global construction industry. The US, though a hard market to penetrate, is one of the biggest opportunities. HammerTech's successful expansion demonstrates that the team is capable, and there's ample opportunity to expand further with the leadership team."

HammerTech has recently been named as one of the nine potential unicorn companies under LaunchVic's 30X30 program - a government initiative aimed at aiding Victorian businesses in bolstering their operations for accelerated growth.