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Semarchy launches Data Intelligence solution as UKI team doubles
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

Semarchy, renowned for master data management (MDM), has unveiled an innovative Data Intelligence solution this week. The firm also announced plans to enhance the MDM experience with the addition of generative AI elements. This significant product news comes on the heels of the firm reporting a 50% surge in annual recurring revenue in the EMEA sector in 2023, backed by a solid investment drive in the UK and Ireland. To bolster this impressive growth trajectory, Semarchy has doubled the size of its UKI team over the past year.

The newly minted Data Intelligence solution is geared towards aiding organisations in unlocking new insights and driving data impact. It facilitates effective governance and improvement of data from assets to initiatives with activated metadata. Going beyond typical MDM, Data Intelligence is an evolutionary step for organisations hunting for a complete understanding of their data lineage, sources, and access privileges.

Herv Chapron, CEO of Semarchy, said, "Data governance has always been about control, mandate, and compliance, but data intelligence is about empowerment. With this solution, organisations can collaboratively enable, measure and improve data assets to deliver business value, which we see as a major pain point for business leaders interfacing with data today."

A recent survey by Semarchy, involving 155 enterprise data professionals, investigated the role data analytics plays in their respective organisation's business strategy and how data intelligence is valued. A worrying 25% of respondents said they believe their organisation's strategic decisions are driven by data. Key problems preventing the use of data intelligence were cited as excessive volumes of organisational data, difficulties in capturing insights, no single source of truth, and concerns regarding data accuracy and quality.

"Many organisations do not have the required talent or expertise to delve into the data and manually derive key insights. With our data intelligence solution, we address these issues, enabling faster decision-making, heightened security, and enhanced data quality," Chapron emphasised.

Stewart Bond, Vice President of Data Intelligence and Integration Software Research at IDC, also noted that "knowledge about where, how, and when to utilise clean, correct, contextual, and mastered data is a core requirement of a robust data culture in digital business, requiring intelligence about data and collaboration among data workers."

Bond praised Semarchy's new solution: "Semarchy's new Data Intelligence solution's focus on simplicity and intuitive user experiences is key to accelerating adoption and fostering collaboration between business and IT, ensuring that everyone in the company is better equipped to access and leverage data effectively."

Besides the Data Intelligence solution, Semarchy also uncovered its GenAI Enrichers plugins, which allow customers instant access to GenAI capabilities to enrich master data with support for customised data-driven prompts and structured output. This comes on the back of Semarchy revealing its Acceleration Toolkit, aimed at helping organisations build the business case for MDM, boost adoption and confidence, and speed up time-to-value.