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UK's Tablerone among top 10 for tretton37's 'Startup Boost' programme
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

The UK startup Tablerone is among the ten socially impactful companies worldwide selected for the "Startup Boost" programme by Sweden-based tretton37. Almost 50 startups applied to the global initiative designed to support social impact startups, with the successful companies receiving free support in areas such as programming, design and strategy.

The selected companies come from a broad spectrum of industries, including the environment, education, legal, e-commerce, mental health, and healthcare. They are geographically diverse, with five located in Africa, four in Europe, and one in Asia. Half of the companies also have female founders or co-founders.

Following the selection, tretton37 and the startups will create a more detailed plan to outline their respective needs and how tretton37 can support them. The skills requested by the startups include mobile/web development, product management, UX design, AI expertise, DevOps and cloud engineering, among others.

Tablerone is a UK-based startup that aims to help computer users, particularly those with ADHD, improve their online organisation and productivity. It offers a Chrome extension tab manager that provides a simplified, all-in-one platform to save tabs, restore sessions, and organise bookmarks.

Deniz Yildirim, CEO of tretton37, expresses humility and inspiration upon learning about innovative startups. He acknowledges the transformative potential of many of these ideas, emphasising their ability to not only change lives but also save lives. Yildirim conveys excitement about supporting the selected ten startups, believing that they have the greatest potential to make positive social and environmental impacts. 

"Reading and hearing about these innovative startups is both humbling and inspiring. Many of these ideas have the ability to change lives; some can even save lives. We are excited to support the ten startups that were chosen and together make a positive impact in the world," said the CEO of tretton37, Deniz Yildirim. 

Other companies selected for the programme include EarthCare, a Macedonian startup that aids companies in making decisions based on environmental and climate data; Ecocentric, a United Arab Emirates company that aims to replace all delivery packaging with reusable alternatives; Plussa, a Swedish app assisting parents in improving their mental health; and Zupoto, a Ghanaian platform that offers fast, affordable legal help for tech startups and individuals.

By providing free support for these ten startups, tretton37 continues its commitment to the promotion of companies that aim to make a tangible impact on society and the environment. This programme not only encourages innovative ideas that can change lives but also adds further momentum to the increasing focus on social and environmental sustainability.

Tech consulting company tretton37 has over 320 employees spread across four offices in Sweden and one in Slovenia. The headquarters of tretton37 is located in Lund, Sweden. Customers of tretton37 include Telia, Klarna, Paradox Interactive, Tibber and ICA.