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Volvo Cars partners with TDCX to bolster digital customer experience
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Digital customer experience solutions provider TDCX has announced a significant partnership with Volvo Cars to enrich customer experiences in multiple European markets. This strategic collaboration will address the shortage of quality digital experiences provided by car brands, as highlighted by a YouGov survey that revealed less than one in 10 Europeans believe car brands deliver a satisfactory digital experience.

TDCX, with its expertise in multilingual customer care services, will provide Volvo Cars' customers with faster response times and a seamless experience across their preferred channels. The Singapore-headquartered company will not merely take charge of customer queries and concerns but also support presale activities, becoming a companion across the entire customer journey. TDCX will work with Volvo Cars to leverage artificial intelligence to bolster efficient and effective customer service delivery further.

Niclas Medin, Head of Outsourcing for Volvo Cars, said, "Beyond making cars that serve our customers' lifestyles and are sustainable and safe, we are committed to helping them enjoy the experience of owning a Volvo. Ensuring that we provide great CX is a key part of achieving that goal."

"In today's fast-moving world, the experience that we provide our customers with must keep up with the ever-changing needs of customers. To do so, we decided to tap the support of a specialist CX provider, TDCX, to deliver a seamless, omnichannel experience that we aim to provide our customers with."

"We are confident that our partnership with TDCX will help us drive greater customer engagement and satisfaction," said Medin. 

The shift in the automotive industry towards prioritising customer experience is evident. Negative encounters can have a significant impact, with almost half of customers contemplating switching car brands following such experiences. Volvo Cars is aware of this and has turned to TDCX, the bespoke customer experience provider, hoping to outpace contemporary customer engagement and satisfaction.

TDCX has established customer experience (CX) teams for Volvo Cars in Romania and Turkey, which will serve as the main hub for European customers. These locations were chosen for their skilled talent pools and proven customer experience expertise. TDCX also looks forward to implementing innovative digital tools to provide a more insightful assessment of customer history and gauge potential needs, accelerating the resolution process.

Daniel Mereuta, Country Director of TDCX Romania, asserts that "this renewed emphasis on CX is not only about providing convenience but also about delivering personalised experiences that evoke emotions and foster loyalty." TDCX envisions using technology such as generative AI to strike the perfect balance between intelligent automation and empathetic human touchpoints throughout the stages of a customer's journey.

The collaboration between Volvo Cars and TDCX in Europe extends their previously successful partnership in Malaysia. In just over a year, TDCX's omnichannel customer support and lead generation expertise have substantially improved Volvo Cars' customer engagement. This fruitful alliance further underscores TDCX's pivotal role in transforming digital customer experiences for global brands, fostering a solid foothold in utterly competitive markets.