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Exclusive Networks enhances UK presence with RUCKUS
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

Exclusive Networks, a global cyber security specialist, has unveiled a new partnership with RUCKUS Networks, a CommScope company known for its innovative connectivity solutions.

According to Exclusive Networks, this latest collaboration is a significant development for Exclusive Networks' presence in the United Kingdom and Ireland, building on the success of the comprehensive RUCKUS Networks portfolio in the United States.

RUCKUS Networks is renowned for its cutting-edge wired and wireless technology, designed to meet the diverse needs of customers and the most stringent usage scenarios. Their high-performance network infrastructure provides secure, reliable access to applications and services, even in the most challenging environments.

Under this partnership, Exclusive Networks will introduce the complete range of RUCKUS Networks solutions that provide secure, scalable, and reliable networking capabilities for businesses of all sizes, the company says. It will also include the introduction of RUCKUS AI into the Exclusive Networks portfolio, enhancing network intelligence and fortification, along with the Cloudpath Enrolment system that enables network segmentation without additional hardware.

According to a joint statement from both companies, the strategic alliance between Exclusive Networks and RUCKUS Networks is based on a unified approach to networking and security. Both companies prioritise a go-to-market strategy supported by strong partner relationships and secure connectivity, they said.

Matthew Paynter, Vendor Director UK & I Exclusive Networks, said, "RUCKUS Networks is a leader in connectivity and perfectly complements Exclusive Networks.

"Working together, our partners will be better equipped than ever to seize the market opportunities before them," he said.

Paynter said the collaboration also enables partners to utilise extensive resources, training, marketing, and commercial engagement, regardless of their networking expertise. Both companies suggest this will allow partners to extend their solution offerings and deliver a reliable, integrated digital infrastructure to their clients.

Gary Newbold, Vice President of Regional Sales, EMEA at RUCKUS Networks, expressed his excitement about the partnership: "Together, we’re reimagining network security as we reject outdated views that segregate networking and security, and instead look towards an integrated approach.

"We are making networks smarter and more secure as we raise the standard for what's possible in network and data security - and that can only be a good thing for our partners," he said.

The partnership between Exclusive Networks and RUCKUS Networks, two companies committed to enhanced connectivity and security, promises to redefine the standards of network and data security, provide secure networking environments, and offer their partners unparalleled market opportunities.